Environmental and Waterways Projects

Environmental and Waterways Civil Engineering Projects

Civil Engineering for Environmental and Waterways projects requires specialist teams with the right experience, working in compliance with all the appropriate schemes and regulations. Liaison with the right agencies and stakeholders can be the difference between a successful outcome or a failed project.

How can STEM Construction Help?


Specialist Civil Engineering for Environmental Projects

Civil Engineering for environmental and waterways projects carries a wide variety of requirements and known risks. Our team is experienced in working in demanding outdoor environments with stringent operating conditions and regulatory requirements, recognising the peculiar needs of each project and delivering successful outcomes.

We support the completion of environmental and waterways projects with our wide range of skills which include:

  • Preparing all applicable regulatory paperwork to assure compliance with the relevant schemes and regulations
  • Liaising with the Environment Agency, local Councils and appropriate agencies to secure licences and permissions for the works
  • Completing culvert and drainage works
  • Habitat creation schemes to improve the local ecology and amenities
  • Diversion of waterways
  • Flood damage reinstatement
  • Pathway and access alterations, repairs and improvements
  • Groundworks and landscaping

Why STEM Construction?

We have extensive experience of working on this type of project across a wide variety of settings. Our team is proud of a successful history of delivering environmentally sympathetic results on project ranging from river course redirection, weir alterations and habitat development to structural repairs and pathway construction.

We are an agile team who work flexibly and quickly to adapt to your needs. STEM Construction take control of the complete process, enabling you to focus on overall project delivery whilst works are carried out.

Our Environmental & Waterways Projects

STEM Construction handles the entire process from preparing licences and liaising with the relevant agencies to all aspects of the required works. Examples of our projects include:

Bridgewater Canal Company – Embankment Stabilisation, Astley – Click here

East Lancs Railway, Lancashire County Council, Environment Agency – Embankment reinstatement, Horncliffe Sidings, River Irwell – Click here

Mersey Rivers TrustRiver Fender restoration and habitat creation – Click here

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