Bridgewater Canal Company – Astley Embankment Stabilisation

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Bridgewater Canal Company


Stabilisation of an earth embankment which retains the Bridgewater Canal. Installation of drainage to the toe of the embankment.


STEM Construction was appointed as Principal Contractor under the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015.

  • Undertake the planning, management and coordination of all site activities involving direct and subcontracted works.
  • Develop and implement the Construction Phase Plan and management of health and safety throughout the project.
  • Liaison with service provider National Grid / Cadent to enable the undertaking of a directional drill past a 300mm high pressure gas main.
  • Site clearance of trees and heavily vegetated areas along the slope and base of the canal embankment.
  • Installation of a proprietary plant access road along the full length of the embankment, enabling access of heavy plant to the working area.
  • Procurement and management of specialist subcontractors to install 300nr soil nail anchors to a failing section of the earth embankment.
  • Procurement and management of a specialist subcontractor to undertake a directional drill though the embankment to maintain a drainage line.
  • Excavation and installation of a new embankment tow drain to the full length of the embankment.


12 week on-site duration

Contact STEM Construction with any enquiries – 0161 7111 255