Horncliffe Sidings Embankment Reinstatement

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A joint funding venture between Lancashire CC /  East Lancashire Railway / Environment Agency


The project was to reinstate the embankment of the river Irwell that also acted as the embankment for the East Lancashire Railway. The embankment had been eroded by heavy flooding up to 10m away from the railway line, which had led to speed restrictions being put in place. The embankment also formed part of the River Irwell Sculpture Trail.

The river was to be put back to its original alignment.


Application and approval of all Environment Agency licencing requirements enabling works to proceed within a live river channel.

Erecting of silt mitigation measures downstream of the reinstatement works.

Temporary diversion of the river flow away from the eroded embankment to enable works to proceed in dry conditions.

Import of 1500t of lump stone to the working area.

Excavation of the river bed to enable ‘keying-in’ if the initial layer of lump stone.

Reinstatement of the embankment using staggered lines of clock stone with the void behind backfilled using the washed-out materials and river stones.

Reinstatement of the River Irwell Sculpture Trail.


4 week on site construction period

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