Mersey Rivers Trust – River Fender Restoration

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Mersey Rivers Trust


The project was to deliver a habitat creation scheme on a section of the river Fender that been historically heavily modified and engineered into a straight line channel with the creation of large flood-banks and wide berms to protect the surrounding area.

The river at this location was deemed to have limited ecological value. The aim of the project was to deliver a habitat creation scheme to enhance the ecology by restoring habitats, in channel morphology ad softening the hard banks.


Re-profile the left hand side of the river channel over the full length and install coir-rolls to protect the toe of the re-profiled bank.

Create backwaters, on-line bays and scrapes along the left hand lower bank to form wetland habitats and improve the flood storage capacity.

Install various woody flow deflectors along he channel ti improve the flow diversity.

The site was accessed through Bidston Golf Club. Protection matting was used to ensure the fairway was not damaged whilst trafficking of the heavy tracked plant.

The works also involved some additional drainage work being carried out on the golf course to improve the flow of water and reduce flooding.

8 week construction period

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