Dashing Downhill for Derian: A Dazzling Day of Mountain Biking Delight

Dashing Downhill for Derian: A Dazzling Day of Mountain Biking Delight

STEM Construction Team Triumphs in Reverse Everesting Challenge at Antur Stiniog Bike Park.

Our dedicated Mountain Bike team achieved an incredible feat at Antur Stiniog on Saturday, conquering their Reverse Everesting challenge with resounding success!

Against an initial target of the height of Mount Everest – 8,849 meters – on the exhilarating downhill trails of the remarkable Antur Stiniog bike park in North Wales, our team pushed themselves to new limits, conquering 11,200 meters of descent on thrilling slate, jumps, mud, with ear-to-ear grins. That’s the same as descending Everest, Ben Nevis and 79m from the bottom of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) too!

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that every donation made by our supporters goes directly to supporting Derian House Children’s Hospice, making a meaningful impact on the lives of over 400 children and their families in our region.

The riders enjoyed a full day of thrills, spills and smiles, speeding down the hills of Blaenau Ffestiniog raising funds and awareness for Derian House. You can see lots more photos of the full day by clicking here.

Nick Lowe, STEM Construction’s Commercial Manager, said “It’s amazing that five men on Mountain Bikes can spend the day having a great time and use it raise funds and awareness for a fantastic place like Derian House. We’re proud to have been able to turn our fun into positive outcomes for children and their families.

Can you help us?

Although the #DownhillingForDerian event is now done, Derian House will always be delighted to receive your support, and we will be very grateful!

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