Downhilling for Derian – Mountain Bike Madness

Downhilling for Derian – Mountain Bike Madness

‘Reverse Everesting’ – the STEM team’s latest foolhardy fundraiser!

On Saturday 28th October, a STEM Construction team will attempt to Reverse Everest at Antur Stiniog Bike Park. ‘What is Reverse Everesting?‘ we hear you ask.

Mount Everest is 8,849 metres above sea level. Cyclists or climbers will sometimes set a challenge to ‘Everest’ a certain hill, meaning that they will climb that hill enough times to rise 8,849 metres. Antur Stiniog is a bike park where we’ll be driven to the top of the hill in a minibus, so for our Reverse Everesting challenge, we will descend a total of the height of Everest. Using a combination of green, blue, red and black trails, our intrepid riders will take on the downhill trails in a bid to smash their target!

Antur Stiniog Bike Park

But… Why?

This crazy scheme is all part of STEM Construction’s support of our chosen charity for 2023, Derian House Children’s Hospice. The charity gives essential support to over 400 children with life-changing conditions, their families and their carers across the region. So far this year we’ve already had team members jump out of aircraft and live a week with half a beard, so while this brave challenge won’t be easy, we think the team are up to it.

Nick Lowe, our Commercial Manager, has been inspired to build up a retro bike for the event:

“The bike is a 2004 Orange Patriot, originally in black but now in an eye-catching deep candy red. The reverse-mullet wheel sizes of 27.5″ up front and 26″ rear should go well for our Reverse Everesting plans! With 170mm travel front and rear and huge 203mm brake rotors she should be burly enough to take on the challenging trails at Antur Stiniog. I just hope that 19 years is a good age for a classic British-built frame!”

Nick’s bike has been named Angela and we’re hoping she will look after him as he descends the swooping slate trails of North Wales.

Angela the Orange
Angela, Nick’s retro wheels

Can you help us?

Please help us to beat our fundraising target for 2023 by sponsoring us. Derian House will be delighted, and we will be very grateful!

Sponsor STEM Construction Downhilling For Derian here!



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