STEM Construction swings into action to solve culvert flooding
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STEM Construction swings into action to solve culvert flooding

Emergency flood work in Manchester

STEM Construction’s team were called upon to help with an emergency flooding situation alongside the Bridgewater Canal recently. Persistent rains had contributed to a culvert beneath the canal becoming blocked and the adjacent fields were quickly filling with water, which was threatening to rise towards local housing.

STEM Construction averts local flood

Staff at the Bridgewater Canal’s offices called us to ask for help. Thankfully STEM Construction were able to quickly bring pumping units to the location and start clearing the flood. Water was pumped up the embankment and into the Bridgewater Canal where there was plenty of capacity to handle the extra load. This pumping continued throughout the day until the culvert cleared and rainwater began to flow normally underneath the canal again.

Pumps were quickly brought to site to solve the problem.   Water was pumped into the canal to save the local housing.

The crisis was averted thanks to some quick action and the local housing was thankfully unaffected. The culvert is now flowing freely and taking water beneath the Bridgewater Canal, just as it was built to do.

The team as STEM Construction were proud to be able to react quickly to meet our clients’ needs. It’s typical of the way we work, not only to react to emergencies but to complete varied Civil Engineering works to a high standard for demanding applications. If you think we may be able to help you, call us on 0161 711 1255 or email

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