Embankment Stabilisation using Soil Nailing
Completed Work

Embankment Stabilisation using Soil Nailing

Saving a failing embankment from collapse

One of the earth embankments alongside the Bridgewater Canal was in danger of collapse following a period of prolonged rainfall, so STEM Construction were asked to undertake works to substantially improve the stability of the earthworks and improve drainage on the site.

As Principal Contractor, we arranged full site welfare arrangements throughout the works and managed all the subcontracted teams throughout the contract, along with Site Management Plans and all the necessary safety documentation.

Bridewater Canal embankment stabilisation 1

Clearing trees and vegetation from the slope and the base of the embankment made access to the working area possible, before the installation of a specialist plant access road solution along the full length of the site. This enabled the necessary plant and equipment to be used over the wet and soft ground surrounding the area.

Where the embankment was failing, 270 soil nail anchors were then installed to support the existing slope. Reinforced mesh completed this stage of the process, resulting in a stable slope.

Bridgewater Canal embankment stabilisation 2

The existing drainage channel was excavated and disposed of, before a new toe drain was installed along the full length of the embankment to allow water to flow away from the reinforced embankment.

Bridgewater Canal embankment stabilisation 3

Finally, a new outfall headwall was constructed to manage the flow of water into the adjacent brook.

STEM Construction Ltd are proud to be able to carry out works of this type, protecting canals from natural erosion to make their continued use possible well into the future.

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