Final Weir Removal of 2020
Completed Work

Final Weir Removal of 2020

Now you see it…

STEM Construction’s last weir removal of the year before the fisheries window closed at the month end was completed with just enough time to spare. Working with the Environment Agency, we had a very short timescale to finish this work as the work could not be started until May 2021 if our preparations weren’t completed in time.

Weir - Before
Now you see it: Before.

Now you don’t…

Timescales were getting close on this one but all the surveys, assessments, designs and application approvals came together to enable us to get on site and finish all the necessary work without affecting this environmentally-sensitive work.

Weir Removal After
Now you don’t: After.

Our works were completed in full compliance with all the applicable standards and licences, and as a result the river is now a safer, more natural setting.

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