How do you choose the right partner for Industrial and Commercial civil works?
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How do you choose the right partner for Industrial and Commercial civil works?

Bringing value to Industrial & Commercial projects.

As a commercial developer or industrial concern, your requirements for civil engineering and construction support are unique. At STEM Construction, we pride ourselves on our targeted approach to meeting your needs.

Our approach means that your project stands the best possible chance of completion on time and on budget. Our team’s experience means that we recognise what it takes to deliver successful outcomes for your projects. We can also handle all the relevant liaison with agencies, ensuring that your site’s go-live date is not put at risk. You can rest assured that our work meets all the applicable regulations and guidance.

Clear and transparent communication means that you are kept in the picture. Progress and issues are highlighted to you to remove unwelcome surprises. When our work is done, handover is seamless meaning that your team is ready to work without any delays.

What should you be looking for in a civil engineering partner?

Different companies have different strengths, so you should be searching for a Civil Engineering partner with strengths to make them a valuable part of your team. It’s about much more than concrete and construction. Ask these questions before you commit to a project:

  • Does your partner have experience of your type of project? – Site conditions; construction type; regulatory requirements?
  • Can your partner liaise with the relevant agencies? – Local authority; regulators; your project team to satisfy all the requirements and paperwork?
  • Can your partner be available for all the key stages of your project, from breaking ground to completing groundworks on completion?
  • Will your partner be able to handle unforeseen challenges on site? Complex ground conditions; drainage challenges; connections to utilities service infrastructure?

If your can answer all of these questions, you’re in a good position to get your projects completed to the standard you require. If you would like to talk about your project needs, get in touch with STEM Construction today. Our extensive understanding of commercial and industrial projects means that we’ll be able to help and advise you.

For more information, download our brochure for commercial & industrial developers here, or get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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