Protecting Bridgewater Canal: How do we get to work?
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Protecting Bridgewater Canal: How do we get to work?

Building access to difficult, remote sites.

We work in a wide range of environments here at STEM Construction. Sometimes this means that we need to get plant and equipment into some very difficult locations.

In a remote section of the Bridgewater Canal, our team are installing 200 soil nails to reinforce a failing section of canal embankment. We will also be installing a toe drain which involves thrust boring through the embankment and connecting the new drain to the canal outfall.

This work will protect the canal and the immediate area, safeguarding the integrity of the landscape and ensuring the canal’s flow is not disrupted by landslips as a result of bad weather.

Paving the way with track matting

Track matting at Bridgewater Canal
The best way to get to work in the woods.

Our team installed over 300m of track matting leading to our work area. The matting has been laid through heavy vegetation, over ponds, ditches and marshland to facilitate access. This means we can move heavy plant, equipment and workers to be sure that our work can be completed more quickly, safely and with the minimum of damage to the surrounding area.

Our Managing Director Steve Thornley recalled a previous job where track matting was used to get to a difficult location, telling us “I said it last year, and I’ll say it again. These track matts are brilliant for crossing boggy land“.

Track matting on the Bridgewater Canal
… and back out again.

STEM Construction are working through the late autumn weather to complete this job, making the Bridgewater Canal more resilient against local heavy rainfall and weathering. The historic waterway should be fit for purpose here for many years to come.

You can learn more about our work in specialist environmental projects and waterways by following this link. Or just contact us at any time.

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