Transforming Samlesbury sustainably, and no failures in Failsworth
Completed Work

Transforming Samlesbury sustainably, and no failures in Failsworth

Two concrete pours completed for our clients.

If your business involves laying the groundwork for major projects, STEM Construction are your perfect partner. We’re currently working on two projects in the North West, preparing and completing poured concrete bases for very different uses.

STEM Construction Salmlesbury concrete pour 1
Our team prepare to pour at Samlesbury

In Salmesbury, a new base for a double transformer and switchgear housing is being constructed. STEM Construction are taking care of the project to lay the base and this pour is a critical part of the process. Thankfully the wet May weather subsided for long enough for our team to get this job done under the sun.

Building sustainable futures

This innovative job utilises an new Eco Plus concrete mix with lower carbon emissions which will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the construction. Every tonne of cement used reduces CO2 emissions by up to 850kg, whilst resulting in a more durable construction. On this job alone, 22.7 tonnes of CO2 have been saved by using this forward-thinking material.

STEM Construction Samlesbury concrete pour 2
Pumping the sustainable transformer base

Improving waste processing in Failsworth

Our team are making major improvements to a waste processing facility in North Manchester. We’re building a new storage and loading yard, including access to a dedicated rail line which runs through the site and enables waste to be removed directly.

Waste processing facility concrete base
Reinforced area read to receive concrete

Our experience acting on works like these makes us the first choice for clients who need their requirements met to a high standard. By delivering on our mission to provide unequalled service and exceed our customers’ expectations, we can deliver a high-quality product to our customers specification, for the best value possible.

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