Tetrosyl Screen Wash Production Line Building

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Tetrosyl, Heap Bridge


To convert an existing materials storage warehouse into a production facility to house a new automated high-speed production line.


This project involved breaking out the existing uneven concrete floor slab, regrading to new revised levels and constructing a new high tolerance laser levelled concrete floor of approximately 1,000 square metres.

The new and existing section of concrete floor was then diamond ground and highly polished to produce a sealed and durable floor that was resistant to the chemicals used in production.

Beneath the concrete floor a new drainage system was installed with sealed manholes.

New steel wall cladding and roof skylights were installed as well as cleaned and painted roof trusses. Externally the old degraded cladding was removed and new cladding installed.

The project was very sensitive to timescales as new production equipment had been ordered for delivery in 3 months from project start.

STEM Construction acted as Principal Contractor for this 3 month project

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