Garston Dock Drainage & Oil Interceptor

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Frank O’Gara & Sons Ltd / SIMS Metal Management, Garston Docks


Deep drainage and concrete works within a live dockland site environment

The project was undertaken at SIMs Waste Metal Recycling on the dock yard at Garston Dock, Liverpool.

STEM Construction carried out works consisting of:

  • Breaking out sections of the existing concrete deck to the dockyard and relaying of new steel reinforced concrete slabs
  • Coordination, management and installation of the temporary works system required to facilitate the installation of a 15m long by 3.5m diameter class 1 oil interceptor
  • Management of lifting plans and subsequent installation of the oil interceptor
  • Procurement and management of dewatering requirements to control tidal water levels within the temporary works excavation
  • Installation of a new surface water drainage system to the dockyard to collect the oil wash-off from the waste metal stockpiles
  • Coordination and execution of the project works ensuring the disruption of SIMs business activities were kept to a minimum

The project took 5 weeks to complete

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