A5036 Vulnerable Users Scheme

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Balfour Beatty Mott Macdonald
Highways England Area 10 Assets Support Contract


Highway, Section 278 works.
To improve and formalise current facilities along the A5036 carriageway following a Route Safety Review which highlighted a number of safety issues along the A663 corridor.
The A5036 is a heavily trafficked dual carriageway trunk road which links Crosby and Liverpool docks to the junction of the M57, M58, A59 and A5207.


STEM Construction was appointed to carry out:

  • Coordination of traffic and pedestrian management
  • Installation of tactile paved crossing points along to A5036 corridor with a total of 16 major junctions and side roads
  • Total of 75 different crossing points within carriageway footpath, splitter islands and footbridge
  • Relining of a major junction including installation of crossing point studding
  • Supply and installation of traffic, pedestrian and cycleway signage
  • Installation of pedestrian guardrail barrier
  • Tackling issues such as shallow services
  • Installing self-righting bollards, new traffic signs and road markings.

The works were coordinated to be undertaken to adhere to the off-peak working zone, including night time works at the major junction of Copy Lane.


8 week contact duration

Contact STEM Construction with any enquiries – 0161 7111 255