Talking to: Phill Connell, Marketing & Communications
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Talking to: Phill Connell, Marketing & Communications

In our latest ‘Talking to…’ interview, we caught up with Phill Connell, our Marketing & Communications handler, to ask him about what he’s up to, in and out of the office.


So, Phill, what do you at STEM Construction?

I look after communications and marketing, which includes our website, social media and all our outbound communications. There’s also regular business reporting to take care of, to make sure we’re all doing the right things to look after customers. I do some of the company’s photography too. .

How did you find yourself working in the Civil Engineering sector?

I’ve worked in marketing for over 25 years and as a freelancer for around 5 of those. Nick, STEM’s QS who happens to be my cousin, noticed this and introduced me to the MD Steve. I’ve always worked in business-to-business environments so it’s been great to be able to help STEM to communicate: many marketing and communications techniques work across different audiences. Civil Engineering has been a good sector to get involved in, especially with STEM’s expertise in some very technical and regulated types of work.

Away from work, what do you enjoy filling your time with?

I own a VW campervan called Hetty which I’m often found modifying (or jump starting!) so spending weekends away exploring the UK is a great pleasure. Mountain biking in the hills of Lancashire is a fantastic way to relax, too.
On Monday nights you’ll find me helping with Andy’s Man Club at our Oldham group. AMC is a men’s mental health group with around 60 groups all over the country, helping men by providing non-judgemental places to talk.

Phill Connell, STEM Construction
Phill with his prides and joy
What are your favourite TV shows and podcasts at the moment?

Ozark has been fantastic on Netflix, and Stranger Things too – we’re excited for the new seasons to arrive. I love Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces podcast for a mix of music and film guests plus a really good attitude towards mental health.

How would your best friend describe you?

I asked my best friend to respond to this. He was too kind and too personal so I can’t put his full answer here!
He did say ‘Phill is affable from the first meet. He’s totally trustworthy, dependable and if I were ever to find myself in trouble with only one phone call he’d get the call… I respect his knowledge and creativity which I call upon regularly. My only criticism is that because of all the above we can talk for hours.’
I’ll definitely take that, even if it is from my best friend!

If you weren’t looking after marketing & communications at STEM, what would you be doing?

I’d love to say leading mountain biking courses in the Alps, but skills and fitness would prevent me being any good at that! I’m fairly sure I would be writing and organising things for business clients in one form or another.

Phill Connell Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking, Phill’s favourite escape from reality.
What’s the best thing about working at STEM Construction?

The team are good to be around. It’s a supportive environment to be in, where people aren’t afraid to ask difficult questions to find the best ways to get things done. That and Nick’s late afternoon posh coffees!


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